Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm all caught up!

Woo hoo! That was soooo much better than adding things to my old site!

I made these for Danielle for Christmas, with fabric I bought in Hawaii close to 3 years ago.

My first quilt! A super-simple strip quilt with a polar fleece back.

A diaper bag... really just one of my purses made larger—much larger.

Part of a group project; these squares will end up as part of Kat's couch quilt. I think 10 or so of us ladies are in on it.

Almost up to date now...

A sweater I crocheted in 1 week for Susannah's first birthday. A super easy pattern.

Our camera bag was too much to schlep around all the time, and I was afraid the camera would get scratched up in my purse without a cover, so I busted out this cozy in about an hour's time.

Ava is always losing her socks and shoes or pulling them off, so I crocheted these booties with ties so they'd stay on. She hates them.

Ava hates hats, too. So I thought I'd crochet one for her with ties. It stays on only slightly longer than the booties.

Andy liked Ava's earflap hat so much that he asked for one his size.

Sorta recent crocheted stuff.

It took a few months (15-30 minutes at a time) to crochet this sweater for Ava. Thank goodness it still fits her.

This pin cushion was a birthday gift for Sara.

This pin was a Christmas gift for Nina.

This wrap was a Christmas gift for my Mom.

Then I got back into sewing.

This was a gift for a 2-year-old. She may not use it for awhile, but that's okay.

Ava sure likes this taggie and its button eyes.

This was a gift for a friend's baby. I made the thing on the left, too. :)

I got this pattern from Sara. These dresses are reversible: one side is a print fabric, and I block printed on the other side.

Then there was the baby boom.

I just had to make gifts for all of them...

Damn you Martha Stewart. I already have more than enough to keep me busy.

While on maternity leave, while Ava was still quite little, I watched an episode of "Martha" on which the guest block printed on t-shirts. The main gimmick of my letterpress business was hand-cut linoleum blocks, so I had plenty of material to print with. These are the ones I printed for Ava.


I made this as a wedding gift for some friends. They have a Craftsman-style house and needed numbers at the time. I used a router to remove the wood from the number areas, then cut sheet copper and hammered it before gluing it into the recessed numbers.


I took a tile mosaic class and covered lots of things with glass and ceramic shards for awhile.

The beginning of crochet.

Somewhere along the way, I picked up knitting, but was never really good at it. I tried crochet when a friend had a baby and knocked this one out of the park. I haven't gone back to knitting since.


I found this pattern on and altered it to suit my needs. It was so easy that I made several and taught a few friends how to make them. I traded 10 of these purses to a local store for a vintage movie poster. I have yet to make the last 5. I am slacking!

How I got back into crafting.

I think it was with our wedding. I had my own business, Just My Type Letterpress, and was printing my own invitations. I also was a part of, an online community of psycho overachiever brides who would post every little detail about their weddings on their profiles. Many of them were DIYers, and I knew I could be too. These are just a couple of the things I did for our wedding besides the extravagant invitation packages:

I cut out the images from our invitations and decoupaged them on wooden boxes I had finished. The one with redwood & roses was for our rings during the ceremony, and the smaller ones were thank you gifts for our ring bearer and flower girl.

I made these necklaces from freshwater pearls and twisted wire links for myself and my bridesmaids.

I could go through our wedding pics for more examples of craftiness there, but I have lots of catching up to do, so it's just not going to happen. :)

A brief explanation.

I had these photos, without descriptions, on, so I'm reposting all the old ones here, with descriptions. These photos are of projects I've completed sometime within the last few years... I'll try to keep them close to chronological, starting with the oldest.

inaugural post.

I decided to move all my crafting stuff from over here to just for ease of posting. I realized that I wasn't posting things on because it was just too much work to create all the separate pages in Dreamweaver, and I would forget how to do it between massive post dumps. So, here I am, with blog #3. I hope I can keep up with it as well as I do with bluelakebungalow. Wish me luck!