Wednesday, August 26, 2009

lotsa projects, no time to take pictures.

Seems as though lately, I've made bunches of things, but they've gone out the door faster than I could remember to take pictures of them.

There were:
- quilt squares for Sara
- quilt squares for Marina
- a purse for me
- a brag book for the in-laws
- printed tees and onesies for friends we visited while we were on vacation
- an oilcloth wallet prototype

I also received 5 (yes 5!) books and/or magazines on knitting in the last 2 weeks. I don't knit, though I wouldn't mind learning. I'm just getting pretty good at crochet, and this winter, I am determined to crochet a sweater for myself. Once it is completed, I might try my hand at knitting, but first things first.

Our quilty group has a name and a blog and a URL! No website yet, but we're slowly working on it. I think we'll just park the blog there for awhile. I have yet to really get the blog up and running and to make it accessible to all the ladies. The name of our group is "Underground Sewers" and I'm working on a cute logo. The blog address is and the URL is