Sunday, October 17, 2010

butterfly wings

These were made in February 2010 for some friends' daughter's 2nd birthday. Ava really liked them... I made them from large sheets of craft foam and elastic.

Huggy monster

This friendly monster (the smaller, green one) was made for some friends' son, who turned one. As soon as we walked into the party, the monster was snatched by the birthday boy's older sister. I hope they both enjoy it. Huggy monster was made from a sweater I bought at a thrift store for $4. I painted the eyes and mouth on with fabric paint, then added buttons to the eyes. He also has velcro on his hands so he can hug.

some for me, some for Ava.

I made two purses for myself, both of them just in time before vacations. The navy blue one was from Amy Karol's book Bend the Rules Sewing. (I bent the rules, and her pattern a bit.) The fabric was from IKEA. I made it before our Pacific Northwest roadtrip/family reunion vacation in August 2009.

The mostly red one was from a design I created based on what I liked and didn't like about the previous purse. I kept and refined the inner pockets, added a long strap so I can sling it across my body and changed the bottom gusset structure. This purse is way better -- it doesn't slide off my shoulder when I have to chase or pick up Ava. This one was completed before our vacation to San Diego in September 2010. Fabric is from Momo's "Wonderland" line.

Since Sara shared her super easy skirt pattern with me, I have made several of them. I made another one last night that didn't make it into the picture. I find Ava, now 2-1/2, has an easier time using the potty when she's wearing a skirt.

Berri quilt

Our friends, the Berris, had a little boy recently. I made him a quilt... I like how it turned out except for the minky puckering on the back. Oh well. The binding is made from 2 of my old pairs of jeans.

Bobo the dog.

My coworker, Holly, found a couple of really cool books at the library. They were by a Japanese author and had pattens on how to make animals from socks and gloves. She made some photocopies for me, so I just had to try one of the patterns out. It required a little more hand-sewing than I normally like, but it was a pretty quick project.

completed koi mosaic

Here's the finished koi mosaic. It was done and the glass shower doors installed by Mother's Day.

Connie's quilt

I can't seem to remember when this quilt was completed, but start to finish, it only took about 3 weeks. My friend, Kristen, told our group of girlfriends that her coworker and friend, Connie, had just been diagnosed with a very serious form of cancer. We immediately put our heads (and fabric stashes) together to create this variation on Denise Schmidt's "What a Bunch of Squares" quilt pattern. It turned out so well, and Connie (seen in the top picture) loved it. I am happy to say that Connie is currently in remission!

sweater for me

I think I finished this sometime in February or March of this year... I do know that I had almost finished it in early February on a girls' weekend trip, but ran out of yarn.

more printed shirts

These were printed for friends' kids when we visited the Bay Area for Memorial Day 2010... I did more, but they didn't turn out so well. I was trying a new kind of ink. :(

Pizza & Cream shirt

Mr. Lynnerd had a thing for a building that was falling down in Laytonville, CA. Every time his track team would pass it, they would honk, so naturally, we keep up that tradition, even though the significance has long passed. Before the sign fell down, we took a picture of it. He cleaned it up (digitally) and I surprised him with a long sleeved t-shirt with the sign ironed onto the front. I think it looks pretty good, and he likes it. I don't remember if it was a birthday or Christmas present... maybe Valentine's Day?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A baby quilt.

Quilt squares for Kathryn, Sara & Marina.

A roman shade for my daughter's room.

Printed baby and toddler shirts.

the shower tile project.

That's me... and currently all the tiles have been stuck to the wall, but it's still waiting for grout.

a few dresses and skirts for little girls

They were birthday presents and a Christmas dress.

An apron for my mother-in-law.

Modeled nicely by my husband. :)

Prepare yourself...

It's Girls' Weekend and I've got time to blog! I have a lot of pictures to post, so I'm going to have to keep the text short.