Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost up to date now...

A sweater I crocheted in 1 week for Susannah's first birthday. A super easy pattern.

Our camera bag was too much to schlep around all the time, and I was afraid the camera would get scratched up in my purse without a cover, so I busted out this cozy in about an hour's time.

Ava is always losing her socks and shoes or pulling them off, so I crocheted these booties with ties so they'd stay on. She hates them.

Ava hates hats, too. So I thought I'd crochet one for her with ties. It stays on only slightly longer than the booties.

Andy liked Ava's earflap hat so much that he asked for one his size.

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  1. Lynn, why didn't I know you had a crafty bloggy? FUN!!!