Sunday, October 17, 2010

butterfly wings

These were made in February 2010 for some friends' daughter's 2nd birthday. Ava really liked them... I made them from large sheets of craft foam and elastic.

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  1. Tried sending you an email to JMT but the box was full. "Hi, I joined the online group Ladies of Letterpress on Facebook, did you join?
    I still want to scan your April calendar page and post it to the LOL members (full credit to you of course); they'd love it. But you might want to do that instead of me. Let me know if you'd prefer I hold off.

    I have no press for now but I'd love to have my old Pearl back.... sigh no space

    Enjoy having your family!"

    Pamela Wesson
    63, boulevard Saint Michel, 75005 Paris
    33 Emery Street, Cambridge CB1 2AX