Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yet another baby quilt...

 I made this quilt for Morgan from a pair of my old corduroys (grey), some blue minky I had in my stash, the flannel bug print I bought as a remnant years ago, and the green and yellow flannel were part of a birthday gift from my friend, Julie. He didn't really need a quilt, but I was inspired by the fabrics. The back was a shot at a giant log cabin, but with only 3 fabrics, it turns out a little weird. Now looking at it, I wish I had done the last vertical strips on the sides in the green, but oh well. I was in "just-get-it-done" mode when I was piecing it together... very improvisational and quick. I quilted it in a spiral, mimicking the butt pocket shape from the pants on the front. The binding is just the back of the quilt wrapped around to the front and sewn down.

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