Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ava's Christmas gifts.

Ava is a total ham. She loves being the center of attention, dancing, performing, acting silly. So, here she is showing off one of the gift bags that a Christmas present was in. More importantly, she's wearing all the things I made her for Christmas and some crazy floral tights underneath. (The outfits she comes up with these days are enough to make you reach for some anti-nausea medication.) I crocheted the sweater (it took a few months of working on it every few nights) using the same pattern as I had used for Susannah's first birthday present, just in the larger size. It's a little too big, but that's good. She picked out the colors, and I spiced up the pattern by adding the stripe around the waist and sleeves. The pink stripe is also a different stitch than the purple field. I just had to jazz it up a little. I also went for some huge buttons and then made loops on the opposite edge for a closure.
The skirt is that same old pattern, just jazzed up a little. I was tired when I was cutting the fabric (pink ballerinas, chosen by you-know-who), and I cut it way too short. I was rescued by some funky purple hemming(?) lace that was in my stash... thanks Mom or Grandma!
Lastly is the headband with crocheted flowers. Very much like the one in this earlier post, but made with variegated pink and purple silk. Ava had seen me making those other flowers and asked for a headband of her own.

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